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Upon the retirement of Reverend Robin Haruna, who served as our minister from September 1994-March 2022, Unity minister, Reverend Becky Whitehead, began serving as Unity of Bandon’s Transition Consultant interim minister in March. She will continue assisting us through September 2022, with an option for extending another three-six months.

The role of Transitional Consultant is different from the role of a minister of a community. They do not come in place of a minister, they come as one with new “eyes” that will support our community in moving forward through this time of change. Reverend Becky provides our Sunday service message twice a month and works with the Board and congregation in supporting our current transition. She brings years of leadership and organizational experience and has a passion for the Unity message and empowering others to step into their full potential.

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Music Director:    Elaine Beausoleil

Sound Tech:        Open Position


Volunteer Staff

Prayer Chaplains:                                             
     Barbara Bethke
      Laura Graham
                          Dorothy Tharsing (Trainer)


Board of Directors

President:               Dorothy Tharsing

Vice-President:               Amy Wilhite

Treasurer:                           Pam Bate

Secretary:                       Sherry Blakely

Director:                    Open position(s)


Support Team

Peace Rocks Project:        Amy Wilhite

Care Team:       Suzanne Leis (Co-ordinator)
      Amy Ellingson

     Karen Hughes
      Glenda deJong

        Louise Rodgers

   Amy Wilhite


Youth Education:          Pamela Bate

Historian:            Sherry Blakely

                       Library:          Charmane Mitchell, Annette Whelan


IT Manager:     Open Position 3/1/22        

Takashi Haruna  (temporary)             

Web Master:       Open Position 3/1/22       

Takashi Haruna  (temporary)






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